Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Website, New Video and those bloody Kangaroos!!

It's Spring in South Australia and I have riding motorcycles on my mind.  Of course I rode through winter, but I'm looking forward to a bit more now that the days are longer.  Even though I rode around the world on a motorcycle, I never really owned a bike while I lived here before.. I just bought the KTM and left they country back in 2010!

Since I have been home and especially now that I am on my wonderful new Tiger, I ride as often as I can.. However!  After 15 years in this country, I have never seen so many kangaroos in all my life!  They are in huge 'mobs' all day and night. (Thanks for the mob term Ally ;-) Usually you are told they are only a problem at dusk and dawn, but I don't see that is true.  They are not farmed.. so when you see heaps of them in a paddock.. there just visiting!  And where do they go next.. and will they be crossing the road soon?????

And what makes me more nervous is the mass amount of dead ones on the side of the road.  Somebody hit them!  I don't want it to be me!  It makes for a continuously nervous ride, I can tell you.  And I used to always get a chuckle when I met somebody overseas who ask when they find out I live in Australia.. "So, you have big kangaroos hopping around your neighborhood?"  And I'd laugh and say, "No, that's silly.. they stay out bush.."  Not anymore!! They are NOW IN DA HOOD!!!

So for some really good news.. I have a NEW AND IMPROVED website!!  It's been a long time coming..  A bigger and better way to show off the new bike and keep up to date with upcoming adventures, photos, videos, etc.  Thanks so much to the wonderful talents of Sonali Tathe-Sathe who put in so much time and effort to make the new site for me!!

The new website gives more detail about the bike and what is happening now.. However, it still has all the previous information and blog from the world journey. But there is more new than old and plenty more to come..  So, here is the link!

AND.. a fun new video made by both Sonali and her husband Suraj Sathe!!

I hope you enjoy..  It's not the big adventure riding video down the treacherous canyon.. Just a goofy idea and something fun we did on their last day visiting Adelaide!  They both worked so hard editing it and I love it!  Thanks again!!

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  1. It definitely sounds like the time to be out and about on your bike, but those 'roos can be dangerous! They're large, they're heavy, and they'll make a real mess of your motorbike -- and you! -- if you hit one. I guess slowing down if you see them is the way through, but where's the fun in riding slowly?

    Brenda @ Firs Marketing