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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Fire it up!

Okay!!  It's time to fire this BLOG thing back up!  Why???

It's Adventure time once again. Heck, it's been 5 years since I returned from the RTW trip and then 2 years since my last big adventure in Iceland, Norway and Sweden.  That is WAY too long.  It's a tricky play......

There are ways to earn a living on the road and I wondered if I should do that since I love to explore so much.  I've investigated several options and found that after nearly 4 years on the road,  I really just wanted to be home.  I love my home.  I love my location, I love my views and my garden, I love having a pet, I love my own BED!!!  I love my own KITCHEN!!   So I chose to go back into the work force and live a more normal stereotypical existence of going to work and coming home every night.  I truly love where I live and it's a pleasure to be home.

I have been completely happy with this choice for a long time.  Sometimes I still wake up and feel grateful for not having to plan my route and figure out where I am going to sleep at night.


One thing I know.... if I ride dirt roads for too long, I yearn for some good bitumen.  If I'm on bitumen too long, I yearn for some good dirt roads. 

Where am I now?  I've been in my own home for too long and now I yearn for some adventure!!  Both dirt and bitumen!!  I'm looking forward to getting tired of dirt.. I'm looking forward to getting tired of bitumen. 

So if you've heard of me speak of my amazing trip to Iceland in 2016,  I was meant to be exploring with David Johannson from Touratech Nordic.  However, he had a business emergency, and left me to ride with one of his adventure tour clients who had just finished Iceland the week I arrived, Suzanne Zotterman.  She loved it so much she was willing to do it again on behalf of David, thank goodness! Although I was looking forward to exploring with David, it turned out to be a great blessing in disguise because Suzanne was an excellent riding partner and we quickly became friends.

Now... Suzanne is coming to Australia!  Rather than the horrendous cost of renting a bike in this expensive country, we've purchased another Tiger, just like mine and we are about to set of into the Great Austalian Outback.. aka the GAFA.. (thanks for the Acro, Walter!~)

Three little darlings, waiting in the shed.. I can only imagine the stories they have been sharing with each other.  The new blackie, which has already had some Outback adventures with his previous owner.  Kato definitely has his stories to tell, but he's officially retired and "rusting in peace".. as he should!  And then there is Tony the Tiger.. has had some little bits of fun in Australia, but he's been itching for a while to get out there and explore A U S T R A L I A

We are all looking forward to sharing the next chapters!!